Guyssssss guess what day it is?? Just that's right its my BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY. LOL...Please just leave me to be hyper. Cos I have every right to be ...yeah so now my epistle that I've been saving since my last post can begin. I'm super grateful to my heavenly father for this privilege He has given … Continue reading BIRTHDAY POST||20 LESSONS I’VE LEARNT OVER THE YEARS



Hiiiiiiiiiii guys! Really missed you all. I know I've been MIA for a while now, there's so much to do, have exams coming up early this month plus I'm in my final year. So I've been tied, but don't worry I'm still here for you guys! As at yesterday, I didn't know what to blog … Continue reading INSECURITIES

Are you worried?

Being worried is a concept that is associated with human beings. It's as though we can't live without being worried. And I get that. There are some situations we find ourselves in that would make us think and think and think. Its only normal and natural that as human beings we worry.  But the other … Continue reading Are you worried?