My First Poem- Life

Hey y’all. So guess who’s done with her exams, now a finalist and back home? Me of course. lol. So I know I’ve been gone for a while due to exams but by God’s grace I’m back now since I’m on hols. So I tried to write a little poem today😊, my first poem actually and I want to share it with you guys. Do enjoy my thoughts!

There are times when life throws dirt at you. 

Times when it seems nothing is working in your favour. 

I don’t know how many of us feel this way

Different thoughts running through my head

I don’t know if I’ll make it

I’m so down and full of despair

Gasping for air in this horrible world 

But suddenly, the one who knows all things comes through

And He whispers ever so gently 

Telling me of His love and how He will never leave me

And that He holds my future

And that no matter how life throws dirt at me

He will always be there to see me through

So I won’t wander alone

I’m no poet though

I’m just me trying to express how I feel
Ok so that’s the end. I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time, remember to keep inspiring and being inspired✌✌

Patiently Waiting…

Hey guys, how y’all doing? Good I hope? I missed blogging so much. I thought I could stay away till after my exams but…lol. Don’t worry I’ll be back fully after my last paper next week Tuesday by God’s grace. So today, I was checking through my feeds on wordpress and I came across this beautiful post. It was written by Pastor(Mrs) Mildred Okonkwo, the wife of pastor Kingsley Okonkwo (founder of David’s Christian Centre). The post spoke to me and that’s why I thought to re blog it. I’m sure it will speak to you as well. Do enjoy her thoughts.

David: “Ummy! Ummy! Ummy!!!” Running (in his mind) as fast as his chubby legs can carry him

Davida: “Mummyyyy!!!” Running towards me arms open wide

Dassah: “Aaaaaaaah! Mummy is back yay!” Hopping around dancing.

Music to my ears. I still remember when I would walk through my doors to dead silence. Today it feels surreal. How can I be a mother of three? Me? Mummy? Me?! Ummy? Me?! I’m still in shock.

So sometimes when I fall on my knees or my arms are outstretched in total adoration of this God my miracle worker. The God of whom I’ve tasted of his power I do it not caring who is around.

The God who would take me from a young girl with no hope of being a mother to this a mother of three amazing gifts from God.

Now I think about it. It was a process that only God…

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Vlog! Vlog!! Vlog!!!

Hey guys, happy new month🎉🎉. Now I know I’ve been MIA and I’ll continue to be till after my exam. Don’t miss me too much you hear? 😂😂 So on the 3rd(monday) my blog became 6 months old. Lol. I’m feeling like a mother whose child just clocked 6 months.😆😂 So I actually wanted to post a vlog I made and have been promising you guys for over two months now. I finally got around to doing it. The other news is that my network in school is acting up and hence it didn’t let me post the video(not that the megabyte is large ooo). But if you’re still interested in watching it, I’ll paste the link so you can watch it.  So as you watch it, I hope you’re inspired. Do enjoy!

👆👆👆thats the link.

You can drop your comments after watching the video. I love you all😘


Hello fam, how are you all doing? Good I hope?  So the other day I was checking through my feeds on my blog and I saw this question “why did you start blogging?” And I decided to answer it here as a post. There’s a proverb that says when the purpose isn’t defined, abuse is inevitable. So this will give you an idea of why I started blogging in the first place( only if you care to know though).

       I realised my flare for writing from the notes I started to compile in journals. First, from taking the minutes at church meetings to Just writing anything. Writing then became my most dominant hobby. From this nurtured hobby, I got inspired to start up the Inspiresome1today Blog on the 3rd of October, 2016. 

      Inspiresom1today is basically missioned towards inspiring people, encouraging them as well as motivating them. Everybody has one time or the other where they are down emotionally and need that word that would gear them up. So, by telling inspiring stories, they find exactly what they need – motivation and encouragement. The blog inspires them to be the best they can possibly be and not to allow life’s trials and challenges get the better of them. The blog lets them know that the trials and challenges are only for a short time, and do not last forever.

      I am well aware of a million and one inspirational blogs and speakers out there, and so you may wish to ask what distinguishes mine from the rest? Very importantly, I have the ever inspiring Voice,  The God-factor. I don’t share any experiences without giving God all the glory because only Him and Him alone gives me the tugging to go ahead with specific needs and lessons to help others with. As long as He has led me to be a voice in this generation, He sure would see me through. My other strength is my conversational style of writing. While majority of writers would go through the strong-willed approach, my conversational style leads me into subtle persuasion in people’s minds. As individuals, we tend to be more receptive when we don’t feel the other party is judging us with their words. If people feel you in your words, they are drawn to your community and would keep coming to your blog. I bet I just got your heart-tention (pun intended).

     What do you think qualifies me to inspire someone? You may be curious to want to know if I’ve gone through any life changing experience that made me embrace blogging. I’ll say we as human beings go through challenges on a daily basis and are willed to  come out stronger and better. However, to answer your question, No I have not gone through any major life changing experience. I simply felt the need to start something, no matter how small that would serve as a source of blessing to anyone that comes in contact with it. By this act, I have received testimonies from my reader community. They tell me how blessed they were from reading what I published. There’s one of my readers who told me that he is always looking forward to new posts. So I can say people are reading it, even if little. I believe every good things starts from somewhere. I hope to impact as many lives as possible with shared experiences, whether mine or that of others as duly permitted, God willing. If you feel you have a story that will inspire others why not comment. And if you have any questions for me whatsoever, I’m here for you.:)
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P.P.S- Its almost a new month guys! Let me be the first to wish you a happy new month because I might not be able to put up any post tomorrow. On the 3rd of April, my blog would be 6 months. Yayyyyy 🙌🙌lol.  I love you all so much😘😘😘. Thanks for sticking with me. 

And for my my new readers welcome on board.😘😘

            Just cos I felt like sharing a picture of myself for the new readers

Until next time remember to keep being inspired and inspiring others as well.

Go and sin no more!

Story story… There was once a woman who was caught committing adultery in Bible times where the penalty for committing adultery was that she would be stoned to death. So the scribes and Pharisees brought her to Jesus to tempt Him, to see if He was going to abide by the law and stone her. Instead He took His time replying them and He even bent down writing something on the ground. And when He did reply, His very words were “He that is without a sin among you, let him be first to cast a stone at her”. This 18-word sentence immediately pierced their hearts and one by one they began to drop the stones they wanted to stone her with. In a twinkle of an eye, they all disappeared. Remember Jesus was bent down, when He lifted Himself up He saw none of them again. He then looked at the woman and said unto her “woman, where are those that accuse you?” Didn’t no man condemn you?” Her reply was “no man lord”. Jesus then said to her “Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more” 

This simple story might be a story that has been preached over and over again but I know there’s a reason why the Holy spirit laid this in my heart. Some of us are like this woman. We’ve already been condemned by the world over and over again. They’ve chosen not to forget or forgive you for the one mistake you made. Its not necessary its a big sin like the woman’s. It could be a small one but nonetheless they keep reminding and judging you for what you did.

Today I bring good news to you. God is telling you “my son, my daughter, I’ve not condemn you, go and sin no more” what more do we need than the forgiveness of God? If He can forgive you, who, sorry what is man to withold their forgiveness? I pray we can open our hearts to receive from Him. Its high time we trace our steps back to His presence, enough of wallowing in the mud. He has forgiven you and all He’s asking from you is to go and sin no more.

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The Inevitable

Now I know I’ve been MIA. I’m really sorry. I had different things to do. But I trust we are all doing well? Alright.

As the days roll by, whether I try to observe or not, it has become surreal to me that people have problems or challenges, whichever you would prefer to call it. These problems come in different forms depending on individuals, and are always inevitable. 

Check this. Individual A’s problems may not likely be individual B’s problems. Problems for each individual is peculiar to that individual, be it spiritual, material, financial or academical. The list is almost endless. Even the so-called billionaires have their share of pain as opposed to the thoughts that money can buy everything, it can’t ooo. *WAKE UP*. Here’s my point, regardless of problem peculiarities and obnoxiousness, we have the power to choose the perspective to which we see from, either to see these storms as stumbling blocks or as stepping stones. 

You may ask, “how can we see them as stepping stones?” As a Nigerian that I am, I answer you with a question as well. Do you know we can use the storms of our lives to rise to greater heights? Of course we can. Sounds silly? Stay with me. Imagine the scenario of a raw mineral that passes through a lot of stages, including fire, before it comes out as the gold we admire and crave to have. Do we not know the processes that it had to go through to become what we all desire today? It is the same with our challenges, they have the capabilities to make us like gold after we’ve overcome them. Take note I said “after we have overcome them”. 

                                                       Before it becomes gold

Look at how shiny it now looks after it has gone through different processes

Overcoming challenges have a way of making us better than we were. Most a time, the things we go through become the very things that qualify us to help others who go through a similar process. Allow me to pause here and say that there is no challenge that we are going through presently that someone else has not gone through before. Try to look at the life of eagles. Eagles love challenges, no matter how tough it may seem. They go head on to nail it. The quality of resilinece while facing challenges is key to our overcoming it. The force of resilience helps us see those challenges as tentative solutions hence we use them profitably.

Now this is what’s almost the most important. if you have passed through a challenge before and you see someone else faced with the same challenge, biko, don’t be selfish. Share your experiences with that person and be real about it. You never know the length of the safety rope you’ll be extending. On the otherhand, you might not know the problem a person is passing through but as long as they walked up to you and you rely on the Holy spirit, the right words will come to heart. 

I learnt something very recently. When God wants to use me to meet the needs of others and when I go ahead to do it, God has a way of meeting mine as well. How many of us want to be vessels used by God to meet the needs of so many people out there? The world is waiting for us to make an impact wherever we find ourselves, irrespective of our different temperaments. You really do not have any excuses. We are all works in progress. Do your part. When you are no more, what will people say about you?

Having an awesome relationship II

Hey guys! Happy Friday. Hope we’re all good? what? Oh! Yeah I’m fine thanks for asking,lol😁. So today like I said in my last post, I’ll be giving us five tips on how to have an awesome relationship with Jesus Christ. No don’t stop now. Why not read through. I hope this blesses or encourages you.

  1. Spend quality time studying the word of God:– Beyond reading the Bible, we should study it and ask the Holy spirit for understanding. The truth is hidden in the word of God and trust me the devil knows this, so he does his best to distract believers from creating time to study the word. Most believers spend time praying rather than in depth studying of the word. I didn’t say prayer is not good for a believer- its actually among the tips I intend to share. Prayer is the master key, Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer just like the lyrics of a song I know. But the word of God holds the truth and we should crave the truth. The Bible says ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Free from the lies of the devil and of false prophets. And by relating with God on a daily basis through His word, you’re getting closer and closer to Him. You can’t be friends with someone you don’t know.
  2. Listen to Christian messages and read Christian books:-  Sometimes listening to audio messages of great men of God can help strengthen our faith. This is basically to feed your spirit man. By listening to audio messages of Christian speakers and preachers, you can learn many truths from them through the help of the Holyspirit. When listening to them however, you need the Holy spirit so that you will be able to differentiate between truths and lies. You cannot grow if you don’t spend time to read Christian books no matter how small. Most times, we prefer reading novels to Christian books ( I once belonged to this category) Develop your spirit man. This week I was opportuned to read a Christian book titled “you too can walk with me” by Adesewa Adeoye who is gradually becoming my mentor. The book was basically about how to have an intimate relationship with the Holy spirit. This takes me to the next point.
  3. Have a mentor:– let me not lie to you, in this Christian race, no man is an island. We all need each other. I cannot emphasise this enough. The need for a mentor is very vital. A mentor is someone whom you’re accountable to or someone who you report to. Bringing it to spirituality, a mentor monitors our progress and sees how far we’ve come in this Christian race. Don’t feel you can do it on your own. Let me also chip in here that fellowshipping with other believers is also very essential as iron sharpens iron.
  4. Spend time praying and praying in other tongues:– Just as I said in point 1 that prayer is very important in the life of a believer. You can hardly do much as a believer without prayer and the Holy spirit. Prayer is our weapon as Christians against the devil. In addition to this, we should pray in the Holy ghost( praying in other tongues) because there are sometimes when we don’t know what to pray for but the spirit intercedes for us ( Romans 8:16). And if you don’t know how to speak in tongues, ask your Father-Jesus and He will gladly give you the Holy spirit.
  5. Listen:- Finally, communication is not complete until there is a feedback. Communication is a two-man thing. We can’t talk to God all day and leave it just like that. He has to talk back to us. The talking back does not always mean we will hear Him loud and clear. Sometimes, it could be through His word- He could just direct us to a particular passage in the Bible that will speak to us. Other times, He could talk to us through dreams and men of God. But note that dreams and men of God may sometimes be inaccurate. I read a book sometime ago titled “How to hear from God” by Joyce Meyer. In the book, she broke down the different ways of hearing from God. I was made to understand that dreams and men of God could be inaccurate but the word of God is truth and God honours His word more than His name. If any dream and any revelation from any prophet doesn’t correlate with the word of God, you should know that such a dream or revelation is not true. Whatever way we think God is speaking to us should be backed up by the word of God – it must conform to God’s standards.

Coupled with your desire and hunger to Know more of God, you can be rest assured that your relationship with Him will only get better and awesome if you follow these five tips. I hope this blessed and encouraged someone. Thanks for reading till the end! God bless you. Do have a lovely day.

Having an awesome relationship I 

Hey guys! How are you all doing? Its been a while. I’ve been busy with school and all. I even have a professional exam in about 2 weeks time. Hope there’s no problem with that? Don’t worry I’m still here to inspire you guys by God’s grace. Before I forget, Happy new month guys! May this month be full of pleasant suprises for each and every one of us. Amen! 

So I get really happy and pleased when I hear someone say they want to improve on their relationship with God. Just as in reality, there are some relationships that are not too good, in other words the parties involved hardly see themselves or even communicate, so also we can have a relationship with God where we don’t talk to Him and He doesn’t talk back to us as well. Then I ask what’s a relationship without communication? Personally, I think the relationship is dead already. So in essence, we should take God as our closest friend and confidant. The way we relate with God on a daily basis should be better than our relationship with our best friends. I’m telling you, God will be so happy with us. He desires to have an intimate relationship with us- this is His greatest desire. So in my next post which is the part 2 of this series I’ll be giving us 5 tips on how we can have an awesome relationship with God. So look out for the next post if you desire to have an awesome and amazing relationship with the father.  Until then, stay blessed.

P.s- I love you guys❤ don’t forget that


Hello guys! So I posted this on Instagram and I said why not post it here too for those of my readers that are not on Instagram. So please do enjoy my thoughts.

Today during my quiet time, a place in the book of acts spoke to me and the Holy spirit ministered the meaning unto me. Acts 13:52-” And the disciples were filled with joy, and with the Holy spirit.”
This is in relation to Paul and Barnabas when they were on a mission to Antioch in Pisidia to preach the word of God. But after they had preached the gospel to the souls there, they were sent out of the country by unbelieving Jews. But inspite of this, it was recorded that they were filled with joy. One would expect that they would be sad or angry but there was none of that. I remember a place in the Bible that says we as Christians should count it all joy when we are being persecuted for Christ’s sake (paraphrased). I’m sure they felt joy because they knew their reward was in heaven and not on earth. The persecution they faced didn’t stop them from preaching more and the Bible also said in that verse that they were filled with the Holy spirit. When a Christian is filled with the Holy spirit there are different things he/she will not be afraid to do for Christ’s sake just like the disciples. Most of the true disciples of Christ were persecuted for preaching the gospel. Can we claim to have really started this Christian walk if we have never been persecuted for Christ’s sake?

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funfridays|| Things that make me happy

Hey guys. How are we all doing? How is our Friday going. Thank God its Friday. So I said we’ll be having funfridays every Friday( a way to un wind after a stressful week) but for some reason or the other, it just couldn’t work out these last couple of weeks. But I’m here now and don’t worry we’ll make up for lost times. So today I’ve decided to share those things that make me happy and I hope at the end of reading this post, you’ll comment on the things that also make you happy. Alright let me start and I’ll be sharing just 5 things out of the numerous things that make me happy:

  • I love family. I love it when everyone is at home, no one is in school or wherever. It makes the house full and I love all the moments we share together.
  • Friends–  I love my friends. Even though they annoy me sometimes, they are one of the things that make me happy. I wouldn’t jeopardise their friendship for anything. 
  • Food– yeah that’s right, I’m a foodie. I love sweet delicious tantalising food. And snacks too, especially cakes. Don’t let me start mentioning all the snacks before some people will say I like food too much. If I start, you guys will start craving for them.
  • Cooking and baking– So because I like food, I love exploring new things in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and stuff. By God’s grace, I should expand on this my skill soon.
  • Finally, I love love.❤ hehehe😆. I just love seeing love blossom inspite of different obstacles and challenges.

So these are some of the things that make me happy. So that’s it for today guys. Why don’t you share with us by commenting those things that make you happy. Until next time✌