Unstopped|| That force so great

I'm so in love with the lyrics of a popular song by Sia. I'm unstoppable, I'm a porche with no brakes I'm invincible yeah I win every single game I'm so powerful I don't need batteries to play I'm unstoppable yeah I'm unstoppable today. Life can be pretty nasty a times. Sometimes it can hit … Continue reading Unstopped|| That force so great


Àbèjoyè, the king maker

Hello people! Its me again! So I was opportune to watch a movie two days ago and I can say that the movie is a must watch for every Christian and even non Christians too. Its a mount zion movie. For many of us that don't know mount zion they are a Christian movie production … Continue reading Àbèjoyè, the king maker


Hiiiiiiiiiii guys! Really missed you all. I know I've been MIA for a while now, there's so much to do, have exams coming up early this month plus I'm in my final year. So I've been tied, but don't worry I'm still here for you guys! As at yesterday, I didn't know what to blog … Continue reading INSECURITIES